Vice-Chancellor's Executive Committee

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Committee (VCEC) is the principal management committee of the University. The Executive Committee advises the Vice-Chancellor on matters of University strategy, 政策和预算, including the capital development and information technology plans.

VCEC is one of two principal management committees that provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor.  The other is the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Implementation and Oversight (VCEIO), which advises the Vice-Chancellor on the implementation of University strategy, monitors progress of key initiatives and provides oversight to the University's risk profile.



  • Endorse the University's strategic plan for submission to Council;
  • Endorse the University's annual plan;
  • Endorse the annual budget and forward estimates and recommend these to 资源 and Finance Committee;
  • Endorse the University's Capital and IT program and major projects to ensure the alignment of these activities with the University's strategic plan;
  • Determine significant matters relating to University management policy and procedures as well as operational matters relating to large scale changes in academic policy, for example in areas including but not limited to:
    • 研究;
    • 学习和教学;
    • 外部接触;
    • Global Engagement; and
    • 专业服务.
  • Review the University's strategic risk profile.


The VCEC will meet once every three weeks.


替代品 will not be permitted unless a member plans to be absent from the University for more than four weeks.


Professor Margaret Gardner AC President and Vice-Chancellor, Chair
Professor Susan Elliott AM Provost and Senior Vice-President
Mr Peter Marshall AM Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President
利先生Petschel Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice-President
Professor Sharon Pickering Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Senior Vice-President
教授Doron Ben-Meir Deputy Vice-Chancellor (企业 and Engagement) and Senior Vice-President
丽贝卡•布朗教授 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (研究) and Senior Vice-President
阿比德教授汗  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)
Professor Andrew MacIntyre Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Indonesia)
教授罗伯特•布鲁克斯 President of 学术委员会
肖恩·默里教授 Dean, Faculty of Art Design and Architecture
威尔逊教授丽塔 Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts
教授西蒙•威尔基 Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics
薇芙教授埃利斯 Dean, Faculty of Education
教授克里斯•戴维斯 Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering
安·尼科尔森教授 Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
教授布莱恩·霍里根 法学院院长
Professor Christina Mitchell AO Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Professor Arthur Christopoulos Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
约旦纳什教授 理学院院长
艾米丽·斯宾塞女士 Chief of 工作人员 and Executive Director, Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor


  • 电子商务秘书

Other senior staff to attend by invitation as appropriate.


提交日期 会议日期
1月26日 2月1
3月9日 3月15日
3月30日 4月5日
5月11日 5月17日
1小君 6月7日
6月29日 7月4
7月13日 7月19日
8月3日 8月9日
8月24日 8月30日
9月14日 9月20日
10月5日 10月11日
10月26日 11月3
11月16日 11月21日
12月7日 12月13日

All submissions to VCEC should be prefaced with the one-page summary sheet (DOCX, 0.05 MB).


Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
电话:(03)9902 9851